The technology of artistic and lighting design of a performance.

Theatrical lighting - from the idea to the finished performance.

Workshop by Ruslan Mayorov

September 21, 2022

Light in the theater is called the "chief wizard". With the help of the artistic and lighting design of the performance a lot of tasks of the director and the designer of the performance are solved. It creates the necessary focus of attention on the stage, the psychology of the space, the time frame, the relationship of the story to the space and what the audience is invited to feel at a particular moment. All of this helps the viewer on a psychological and physical level to plunge into the work as much as possible.

Creating the lighting environment of a performance is a real art.

At the workshop we will show how using a certain complex of lighting tools and techniques it is possible to realize the most daring idea and realize the scenographic concept of any performance.

What awaits you?
Five hours of intense "real time" work.
Curator: Ruslan Mayorov, famous light artist, designer of the lighting complex of the main and Simonov stages of the Vakhtangov Theater.
Step by step the creation of light design of the performance will be discussed from reading the text and working with sketches to the preparation of technical specifications (including preliminary visualization) and photographs of the finished performance.
Free communication, discussion of artistic techniques, answering questions, sharing experiences and techniques between the workshop participants.
Who is the workshop intended for?

The workshop will be of interest to everyone who wants to look into the creation of artistic and lighting design of a performance and is related to or interested in lighting technology in the show industry: lighting designers, directors, event organizers, videographers, distributors.

Participation in the workshop is free, registration to the show is required.