Program of Theatre Forum

Schedule Overview - Theatre Forum 2021

September 16, Panel discussions "Reconstruction and modernization of theaters. Examples of completed projects", "New stage technologies"

10.30-11.00 Registration

11.30-14.00 Panel discussion "Reconstruction and modernization of theaters. Examples of completed projects"
Moderator: Andrey Pronichev, Advisor to the General Director of the Bolshoi Theater

1. An integrated approach to the design of shows.
2. Modern stage mechanics and systems

3. Complexes of performance management (consoles)

  • Vitaly Yakunin, General Director ТТС
  • Mikhail Vasiliev, Development Director TTC
  • Sergey Kior, Director of Innovation TTC

4. Renovated theater - Moscow Children's Theater of the Young Actor.
New Theater - "Grandpa Durov's Corner"
A new space for performances of various formats with any technical complexity.
  • Evgeny Mullin, Deputy General Director of TTT group,
  • Alexey Inkov, lighting designer TTT group

14.00-14.30 Lunch

14.30-15.00 Panel discussion "New stage technologies"
Moderator: Andrey Pronichev, Advisor to the General Director of the Bolshoi Theater

15.00-15.40 Epson Projection Solutions for Stage
Nikolay Akhmetdzhanov, Brand Manager

15.45-16.10 Immersive media technologies as a way to immerse the audience
  • Andrey Kogtev, Head of Audio Systems
  • Pavel Shemyakin, Brand Manager for Audio Systems
  • Andrey Fokin, Brand Manager of the direction of projection equipment

16.15-16.40 Presentation of SBS stage technology equipment with the COSTACOwin® control system, implemented in theatres in Russia
Dariia Root, Commercial Project Execution

16.45-17.10 Sound in a modern theater
Igor Novikov, Technical Director of the installation direction at Sonoruss

17.30 Tour to the Children's Musical Theater of a Young Actor (New Stage)

September 17, Matchmaking meetings between technical directors of theatres and producers and suppliers of equipment

10.30-11.00 Registration  

11.00-15.30 Matchmaking meetings between technical directors of theatres and producers and suppliers of equipment 

15.30-16.00 Lunch

16.00-18.00 Guided technical tour around the exposition of the fair Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia for theatre representatives

18.00-19.00Informal Communication between technical directors of theatres and producers and suppliers of equipment 
September 18, Session "Modern stage equipment. Review of new products"
10.30-11.00 Registration 

11.00-14.00 Session "Modern stage equipment. Review of new products" 

11.00-11.30 Theaters choose Panasonic. New for 2021 
Alexander Zharkov, business development specialist in Panasonic 

11.35-12.05 Basic Theater Lighting: How to Avoid Compromises 
Nikolay Florensky, Expert in Lighting Equipment 

12.10-12.40 Automatic Venue Transformation Systems 
  • Robert Heimbach, Vice President of New Business Development;
  • Konstantin Rakhmanov, Project Manager  
12.45-13.30 Lunch 

14.00-16.00 Free time 

16.00 Tour to the Moscow theater "Grandfather Durov's Corner"

Programme of the VI Theatre Forum

September 12, Thursday

11:00-11:30 Guest registration, welcome coffee 

11:30-14:00 Panel discussion “Theatre renovation projects: overview of the most interesting projects of 2018/2019” 

First steps on the theatre renovation path
  • Andrey Pronichev, Deputy General Director of the Bolshoi Theatre, Honored Culture Worker of Russia, Dean of Theater Technic and Technologies Faculty at The Higher School of Performing Arts (Theatre School of Konstantin Raykin).  

Contemporary engineering and theatre solutions, applied at Moscow Theater “Sovremennik"
  • Igor Popov, General Director of Moscow Theatre ” Sovremennik”; representative of the contractor IMLIGHT Company 

Renewed theatre. Transforming halls: “Hermitage” and “Zimniy Sad (Winter Garden)” as new venues for various formats of performance
  • Andrey Smirnov, Production manager of Moscow Theatre “School of Modern Drama”; Alexander Gamzayev, Technical director of Moscow Theatre “School of Modern Drama”. 

SamArt Theatre, transforming hall as a part of a multi-purpose theatre complex 
  • Sergey Sokolov, Managing director of SamArt Theatre; Mark Ozerov, Commercial Director, Sistema 

14:00-14:30 Coffee break 

14:30-16:00 Panel discussion “Up-to-date technologies of theatre decoration production” 

Modern technologies and materials in theatre decoration productionIvan Malakhov, Head of the prop shop in the Bolshoi Theatre; 
  • Il’ya Shapovalov, Deputy Head of the Soft goods shop, the Bolshoi Theater. 

  • 50 shades of black. Presentation of the brand new super-black stage velour Сhristopher Lah, Executive DirectorTuechler Buehnen- & Textiltechnik GmbH  

16:30 Technical tour to the production and storage complex of the Bolshoi Theater
Realming point: Organizer`s Office (Pavilion 4.1)

September 13, Friday

11:00-11:30 Guest registration, welcome coffee

11:30-14:30 Matchmaking sessions: theaters & manufacturers and suppliers of equipment. Only for exhibitors 

14:30-15:30 Lunchtime 

15:30-17:30 Technical tour of the exposition
Realming point: Organizer`s Office (Pavilion 4.1) 

17:30 Technical tour to Moscow Theater “Sovremennik”. 
Realming point: Organizer`s Office (Pavilion 4.1) 
September 14, Saturday
11:00-12:00 Session “Standardization of the theater equipment and materials”
Hubert Eckart, CEO of the German Theatre Technical Society (DTHG)

12:00-14:00 Session “Modern stage equipment. New products overview”

Presentation of SBS Bühnentechnik stage equipment with COSTACOwin® control system applied in theatres in Russia.
Christian Freimüller, Managing Director SBS Bühnentechnik GmbH

Modern technological solutions for theaters: mechanics & electronics
Vitaliy Yakunin, CEO of Theatre Technology Systems

Epson professional projection equipment as modern stage solution: realized projects and overview of new products
Nikolai Akhmetdzhanov, Projection Equipment Manager, Epson

Newest show control systems. Use of lighting control console
Alexey In’kov, TV shows and concerts Lighting designer, certified coach of lighting control systems, member of the creative community “CMYart”.

Modular electric chain hoists with a load profiled steel chains
Kirill Shumeyko, CEO of Ruro (GIS AG exclusive distributor).

16:30 Technical tour to Moscow Theater “School of Modern Drama”.
Realming point: Organizer`s Office (Pavilion 4.1)

B2B Meeting within the Theatre Forum 2019

There are matchmaking meetings between technical directors of theatres and producers and suppliers of equipment within the Theatre Forum

List of Theatres and Centers for social and cultural activities for B2B meetings 2019

Puppet Theater “Zolotoy petushok 

Ozersk, Chelyabinsk region

Orel Puppet Theater 

Orel, Orel region

Culture Center “Axion” 

Izhevsk, Republic of Udmurtiya

Theater Center “Nikitskiy”

Voronezh, Voronezh region

The Mariinsky Theatre  

Vladivostok, St. Petersburg

Prokop’evsk Drama Theater 

Prokop’evsk, Kemerovo region

Sakha (Yakutia) Republic Theater of player and puppet 

Neryungri, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)  

Fedosiya Theater “Paradox” 

Feodosiya, Krim Republic 

Ryazan State Drama Theater 

Ryazan, Ryazan region

Saint Petersburg State Musical Theater for children “Zazerkal’e” 

Saint Petersburg

Vologda Regional Drama Theatre 

Vologda, Vologda region

Kaliningrad Regional Drama Theatre 

Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad region

Ekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk region

Krasnoyarsk Musical Theatre

Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarskiy Krai

Chelyabinsk State Drama Chamber theatre

Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk region

Tolyatti Puppet Theatre

Tolyatti, Samara region

Russian drama theatre "Masterovye»

Russia, Republic Of Tatarstan, Naberezhnye Chelny

Kosta Khetagurov`s South Ossetian drama theatre 

Russia, South Ossetia, Tskhinvali

Bryansk regional Puppet Theatre

Bryansk, Bryansk region

Bryansk Regional Drama Theatre named after Alexey Tolstoy

Bryansk, Bryansk region

Moscow State Children’s “Fairy Tale Theatre”


Crimean Academic Puppet Theater

Sevastopol, Krim Republic

The Saratov academic theatre for children

Russia, Saratov region

Buinsk State Drama Theatre

Russia, Republic Of Tatarstan, Buinsk

Voronezh state academic drama theatre

Russia, Voronezh region

Vladimir academic drama theatre

Russia, Vladimir region

The Russian spiritual theatre "Glas"

Russia, Moscow

Podolsky drama theatre

Russia, Moscow region

Theatre ChernoeNeboBeloe

Russia, Moscow

House of folk Art " Guberniya"

Russia, Perm Krai

SF Kedr

Russia, Perm Krai

The Cherepovets Chamber theatre 

Russia, Vologda region, Cherepovets

Fyodor Volkov`s Russian state academic drama theatre 

Russia, Yaroslavl region, Yaroslavl

The Surgut music and drama theatre

Russia, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Surgut

The Chamber Drama Theatre Of Kostroma

Russia, Kostroma region, Kostroma

The Samara theatre "Vitrazhi»

Russia, Samara region, Samara

The Perm Opera and ballet theatre

Russia, Perm Krai, Perm

Slonov`s Saratov academic drama theatre

Russia, Saratov region, Saratov

Theater of Ob-Ugric peoples " Solntsche"

Russia, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, Khanty-Mansiysk

The Obraztsov`s Puppet theater 

Russia, Moscow

The Theatre "Komedianty"

Russia, Moscow

Rybnikov Theatre

Russia, Moscow